It is well documented that video is the most efficient and captivating media when it comes to communicating your brand message and tone online.

If you don’t yet have your video, I am here to help.

You’re in the right place! 

Director : Mine d’Orion
Video shooting / Editing / Color grading : Marion Battaglia
Customer : Natalya Konforti


It takes only 7 seconds for people to determine their first impression of a person, and only 0.05 of a second to decide on a brand. Stop losing out on opportunities due a weak online presence.

Instead, make a strong and lasting first impression, by introducing brand in the tone and style that best represents you.

The shooting will take half a day.

This will include 1 interview to learn more about you, and a few video shots of activities or scenes that best compliment your story and image.

For example: your professional services or setting, your passions and interests, or something creative to add dimension to your video and online persona.

I will edit all the shots with the appropriate branding and music, and send you 3 video variations (1 landscape, 1 square, and 1 portrait),  for you to use throughout however you see fit.. (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Website, … )


Professional video portraits are popular amongst:
‣ Companies
‣ Individuals
‣ StartUps


Prices start at 1900aed

Get in touch today for a personalised quotation


The shooting location is your choice, but I am happy to offer guidance and suggestions when needed:

‣ Your home
‣ Your office
‣ Somewhere that best represents you

The benefits of the Video Portraits

Boost your image

▸ Display your personality and values to set the tone with prospective clients.

Talk about you

▸ Take the opportunity to perfect your sales pitch, and communicate clearly and positively your strengths as an individual or business.


▸ Share your video online via the most appropriate social media channels and media outlets in order to grow your audience.


▸ Optional extras include full photography package for use on profile photos and social media posts. (With the photographer Sherrie).