Marion Battaglia

Hi, I am Marion.
I have been telling stories through videography since 2012.
Here is my story.



I began my career in videography in 2012, when I studied my apprenticeship for the Advanced Technician’s Certificate, in France. The company, Mizenboite Productions, saw something in my style and approach, and welcomed me under their wing, where they guided me in building my skills and experience.

It was an incredible salary career, ranging from documentaries, advertisements, tourism projects, industry launches and music videos, before I decided to branch out into story telling though illustrations also.

I’ve learned so much in the past few years working as a video editor-colourist, and collaborating with creatives and technicians from various creative fields. It’s thanks to these amazing people I have worked with, that my creative approach has been honed and sharpened, and my professional skill sets continue to grow as a result of this talented network I am privileged to continue to work with.

Like many people, the Covid outbreak in 2020 pushed me to make some exciting and scary changes in my life, and broaden my scope internationally.  This was the best thing I could have done.

IMG_0842 2

This is how Mine d'Orion was born!

Today, I am based in Dubai, but I enjoy the freedom to work remotely for clients across Europe and UAE. The fields I work on are varied, and I am curious to discover new projects and experiences to learn from.

I adapt to the needs of my clients, whether it is in videography, photography, consulting, training, or illustration.

Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding my packages or services. I look forward to hearing from you.