You want to learn how to make your own videos for your company?

You would like to be autonomous in the creation of your videos, but you lack the knowledge and skills?

You’re a photographer or communication agency and you want to add videos to the services you offer to your customers?

You’re at the right place! 



Nowadays, videos are more important than photography in our communication strategies.

By offering consulting, I support companies and individuals who wish to create their own videos with a professional quality.

The number of sessions depends on your level: I adapt my sessions to your needs! I adapt to the cameras and tools you have available. You are welcome to try out my equipment to learn how to use it and what best suits you, and I can also advise you on suggested equipment to use or purchase in the future. 

An individualised and personalised training, adapted to your level and your needs!


This training is available in several formats:
‣ 1 half-day
‣ 1 full-day
‣ Several days


This training is suitable for:
‣ Companies
‣ Individuals
‣ Communication agencies

The benefits of consulting

Become an expert

You'll master the tools to video production, and be able to modify your own videos how you see fit.
By knowing the techniques of video creation, it will be easier to collaborate with videographers on future projects.

Save time

▸You'll become autonomous in the production of videos
You'll no longer need to adapt your schedule to that of the production teams

Save money

▸ You'll save on hiring a professional
You'll create as many videos as you want
I adapt the number of consulting sessions to your budget

Develop skills

Your videos will be more professional and your message, more persuasive
▸ You can create the content you like on your social media
You could even use the video in your personal life