Special SmallBudget

Would you like learn the tools used in video production, and be able to edit and format videos to your liking?

You’re at the right place! 



With this training, you will learn the basica of the videography: video shooting, video editing and equipment.

My goal is to give you the tips to create your own video by yourself for years to come.

We will use your own equipment (phone or camera), and you can also practice with my professional camera and editing software, to learn about the equipment available to you should you want to progress further.

This courses will be adapted to your level and your needs!


This course runs for three half-days, over a month.

This allows you time to adopt your learnings, practice, and complete professional quality videos to be used as you please.

Day 1 : Basic of videography
Day 2 : Create your first Reel about one business
Day 3 : Create your seconde Reel about your business


This training is suitable for:
‣ Small Budget
‣ Individuals
‣ StartUp


‣ 400aed by day

The benefits of it

Small group

Learn video skill with as a team of 4 to 8 students.

Save time

You'll become independent in creating your own social media videos and advertisements.

Save money

Unlimited potential to create regular content without the need for external services.

Develop skills

Videography and editing skills are useful in all industries and areas of life. Get creative and enjoy!